4/3/2022 Who is Your One? ~Rev. Benjamin Chung

As Christians—and as a church affiliated with the SBC—a theme for the last several years has been: “Who is Your ONE?” It’s a very simple concept. Who are you focusing on sharing the good news of Jesus with? That person is your “ONE”. The idea is to keep the

concept simple. This is also how Scripture describes the actions of Jesus and His disciples. Jesus would find a disciple here or there. Once Jesus found someone, that disciple would find someone else and bring them to Jesus. Andrew brought his brother Peter to Jesus (John 1:42). The same scenario unfolds again in the following verses (vv.43-

46), where Jesus finds Philip, and Philip in turn finds Nathaniel and brings him to Jesus.

It’s such a simple process, really. So simple, we don’t even notice the process being applied. But we can easily forget and thus we need reminding. We get busy. And it was likely difficult to interact with others while we were in our homes during Covid-19. But even in SF, restrictions are loosening. We can engage with people more now. This means, on top of praying for the non-Christians we know, let’s be interacting with them, and even inviting them to church! This is how it works.

So, who is your ONE? If you don’t have a person in mind yet, here’s some simple steps to take.

1. Take a moment to pray right now and ask Jesus to put a person on your heart. Once the LORD has give you a name, write his/her down here: ________________________________. If more than one person comes to mind, that’s ok! Write down their names. (Research

shows that 3 is likely the max you can focus on.)

2. Figure out how you’re going to contact your ONE. Phone? Text? Mail? Email? Grab coffee or get lunch together?

3. Give yourself a deadline to contact your ONE. Many times, we plan to do something, but we forget because we don’t set a time to act. Set an appointment on your phone, or better yet, use an app to automatically send out a text message at a time that’s convenient!

4. Prepare. Pray for the LORD to work in your ONE’s heart. And pray for the LORD to guide you in what to say to your ONE.

5. Be patient and persistent. It might just take a single invite, or it could be years and decades. But don’t give up! It’s for your ONE to also be a part of the heavenly kingdom, so it’s worth it. Jesus says in Luke 15:10 (ESV), “I tell you, there is joy before the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” Let’s keep those angels celebrating!

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