9/15/2019: 與主親近 (Close to the Lord)

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

by 鍾卓權牧師

摩西第一次手裏拿著兩塊法版下山,挨近營前,就看見以色列子民拜金牛犢,便發烈怒把兩塊版扔在山下摔碎了。耶和華吩咐摩西再鑿出兩塊石版給祂重新寫上十誡。摩西第二次在耶和華那裏四十晝夜之後,他和以前不一樣,出埃及記 34:29節說:「摩西手裏拿著兩塊法版下西乃山的時候,不知道自己的面皮因耶和華和他說話就發了光」。摩西曾祈求 神顯出祂的榮耀給他看, 神真的應允了他的禱告。摩西在西乃山上四十天之久沒有吃飯也沒有喝水,他面皮所發出的光是帶著 神的榮耀,摩西自己也不知道。

摩西第二次拿著兩塊法版下山.而且面皮發光,亞倫和以色列眾人看見就懼怕。為什麼? 一方面是摩西面上所發出 神的榮光,其次是當摩西第一次拿著兩塊法版下山時.因為以色列子民離棄 神而去拜金牛犢的緣故, 那一天百姓中約有三千人被殺。這一次,若是以色列人故態復萌, 亞倫和以色列眾人恐怕會遭受到更嚴重的懲罰。

蒙恩得救 神的兒女,在靈修和默想神話語時也會經歷和嚐到與主親近的安祥愉悅,可能我們並沒有如同摩西一樣面皮發光,但因為我們的心能與主親近,因而在日常生活和行事為人上必會有所改變,或許我們自己並不能察覺,但週遭的人必會感受到這種變化。摩西不知道自己面皮發光,同樣也沒有意識到他在神榮光之下的改變,但亞倫和以色列民卻是清清楚楚見到摩西的改變。這讓我想起祭司們,守殿官和撒都該人逮捕彼得、約翰以及在使徒行傳中所記載有關門徒的膽識,因為門徒們傳講耶穌基督福音的時候,是滿有能力和被聖靈充滿,因此他們讓當時一般民眾感到驚訝。使徒行傳 4:13節說:「他們見彼得約翰的膽量、又看出他們原是沒有學問的小民、就希奇、認明他們是跟過耶穌的」。

弟兄姊妹們,我們今天的臉光和面容如何?當我們常讀神的話語,與主越親近的時候,我們會更像我們的恩主,彰顯出 神的同在,週遭的人是會感受到這種微妙的變化。祈求主憐憫我們,在日常生活和行事為人方面能反映出神的榮光,成為主美好的見證,榮耀主名。 阿們!


The first time Moses took the two stone tablets of the testimony down the mountain, he saw the children of Israel worshiping the golden calf as he approached the camp. Moses was furious and threw the two tablets down the mountain and broke them. The Lord commanded Moses to make two other stone tablets and chisel the Ten Commandments on them. Afterward Moses spent forty days and nights with the Lord, and he was not the same as before. Exodus 34:29 says: “When Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the two tablets of the covenant law in his hands, he was not aware that his face was radiant because he had spoken with the Lord”. Moses prayed to God to show His glory to him and God answered his prayer. Moses had not eaten or drunk water for forty days on

Mount Sinai and yet his face was radiant with God’s glory. Moses himself was not aware.

However, when Aaron and the Israelites saw Moses’ face aglow, they were very afraid because of what happened before. Three thousand Israelites perished because the people had forsaken God and worshipped the golden calf. For sure, Aaron and the Israelites knew that they would suffer more severe punishment if they relapse. When studying and meditating on God’s words, God’s children who are saved experience the peace and joy of being close to God. Their faces may not glow like Moses’, but the people around them would see the changes in their lives that they themselves may not be aware of. Similarly, Aaron and the Israelites saw the glory of God on Moses’ face that Moses did not realize.

This also reminds me of the priests and the Sadducees who arrested Peter and John. They admired the courage of disciples who preached the gospel with power and were filled with the Holy Spirit. The general public at the time were astonished as well. Acts 4:13 says: "When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished, and they took note that these men had been with Jesus”.

Brothers and Sisters, how are our complexions? Are we any closer to God when we read His words? Are we Christlike and do we let others see God’s presence in us? Do people close to us sense the positive subtle changes in us? May God have pity on us. Let’s reflect God’s glory in our daily living, witness God’s goodness, and honor His name. Amen!

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