8/18/2019: 蒙耶和華賜智慧 (Jehovah’s Given Wisdom)

by 鍾卓權牧師

建造會幕的時候,參與建造者首要的條件是蒙耶和華賜智慧聰明的人,這類才知道如何使用工具和怎樣建造。其次是各人要自覺地受感動前來投入建造會幕的工,他們並非受到威迫或不甘心樂意而硬著頭皮來參加建造會幕的工。有人說過,在上帝的國度裏有兩類人:一類是「有能力但無用」的人。他們很能幹又有技巧,但卻不願意參與神國事奉的工作。 而另一類人則是那些願意倚靠上帝的能力又順從祂的心意的人。更重要的是,為了建造會幕百姓也是甘心樂意奉獻神所喜悅的禮物和材料,並且多多有餘。

所以哥林多前書 1:25-26說:「因 神的愚拙總比人智慧. 神的軟弱總比人強壯。弟兄們哪、可見你們蒙召的、按著肉體有智慧的不多、有能力的不多、有尊貴的也不多」。蒙召被 神重用的人,他們並非是具有超然屬世的智慧與能力的尊貴人。最初將福音向外擴展的使徒們,並不是先從有屬世智慧、能力和尊貴的人開始。主耶穌在世上的時候,祂選召的門徒多半是貧窮的普通百姓,但他們是受感動而甘心樂意順從主的選召。弟兄姊妹們,我們今天願意回應並且順從主的選召嗎?

加州的人口接近4千萬,美南浸信會估計大約其中有3千5百萬人與基督救恩無關。 這使加州成為美國失喪靈魂最多的地方。美南浸信會又指出,加州的浸信會在2018年中為1萬2千人舉行了浸禮。按照這樣的進度,美南浸信會將需要超過2千9百年的時間才能使今天全加州人口的数目接受基督的救恩。

當然,個人接受基督救恩是聖靈的工作,但我們自己是否如同當年參與建造會幕者一樣,受感動與神同工將福音廣傳,為加州未信之民得救禱告,並找機會與他們分享福音呢?願 神憐憫並且賜我們智慧,猶如祂賜智慧給建造會幕的人。


When building the tabernacle in Old Testament time, the first condition set for the participating builders was that they must possess the God given wisdom for them to understand the construction plan and to know how to use the tools. Secondly, each person must be motivated and moved to construct the tabernacle. They were neither coerced nor forced against their will to work on the tabernacle.

It has been said that there are two types of people in the kingdom of God. One type of people are "capable but useless". They are very capable and skilled, but they are useless because they are not willing to participate in the work of the ministry. The other type of people are those who are willing to rely on the power of God and obey His will. Of equal importance, these people are willing to offer in excess amount, gifts and construction materials that are pleasing to the Lord.

1 Corinthians 1:25-26 says: “For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength. Brothers and sisters, think of what you were when you were called. Not many of you were wise by human standards; not many were influential; not many were of noble birth”. Those who are called and to be used by God are not necessarily noblemen with supernatural wisdom and influence. At the beginning, the apostles who spread the gospel were those without worldly wisdom, power, and status. When the Lord Jesus was on earth, most of the disciples he called were ordinary poor people, but they were moved and willing to submit to the Lord's calling. Brothers and Sisters, are we willing to obey and respond to our Lord’s call today?

With a population of nearly 40 million in California, the Southern Baptist Convention estimates that about 35 millions of them have not been saved. This makes California the state in the union with the most lost souls. The Southern Baptist Convention also points out that there were only 12,000 people baptized in California in 2018. If this trend continues, it will take more than 2,900 years for all Californians in today’s population to accept Christ's salvation through baptism.

Of course, an individual's acceptance of Christ's salvation is a personal choice made through the work of the Holy Spirit. Like the builders of the tabernacle, are we moved by the Holy Spirit to work on God’s ministry to spread the gospel? Have we prayed for the non-believers especially those in California? Have we found the opportunity to share the gospel with them? May God have mercy and grant us wisdom, just as He had given wisdom to those who built the tabernacle.

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