7/5/2020 量器中的婦人 (The Woman In the Measuring Basket)

by 鍾卓權牧師 (Rev. Bernie Chung)

撒迦利亞書第五章所記載的「飛行書卷」是八個異象中第六個異象,之後, 就是現在所談的第七個異象「量器中的婦人」,第六與第七這兩個異像是有關連的,是上帝對罪的詛咒和最終的審判宣告,顯示出上帝對那些對祂不敬虔者的責備。上帝在「飛行書卷」異象中是對個人不敬虔的作為的審判,但在這個「量器中的婦人」異象中是對整個大地,和全民的審判, 是為他們不敬虔的作為所進行的審判,並將加以消滅。

先知撒迦利亞在第七個異象中見到一個量器,是很大的量器,又有一個以金屬鉛所造成的圓形的蓋子,將蓋子揭開之後見到一個婦人,這個量器可以容納一個婦人坐在其中,代表了遍地對神的不敬虔、追求物質, 虛名地位、和邪惡的人,那圓形的蓋子連忙又將那婦人蓋在量器內。在希伯來文中 「罪惡」 一字是陰牲,這異象用婦人代表罪惡和不敬虔,在這裡更顯示出以色列不敬虔和罪惡之總和。

其後, 先知撒迦利亞見到兩個有翅膀的婦人,如同鸛鳥在空中飛翔,並且將那婦人蓋在量器內的量器抬起來懸掛在天地中間。撒迦利亞又問量器將會被抬到何處,天使說:「要往示拿地去,為它蓋造房屋。等房屋齊備,就把它安置在自己的地方。」 示拿地就是巴比倫,「巴比倫」自古以來就是代表拜偶像的地方,將來也是一樣是個拜偶像的地方。現在是為蓋住的量器蓋造房屋,安置在巴比倫的地方,換一句話說就是將罪惡和對神不敬虔的行為歸回惡行的源頭,那源頭就是巴比倫,最終它必定要接受審判。意味著罪惡將會在以色列中除去,期盼著的就是彌賽亞的再來。

弟兄姊妹們、我們要確切地認識上帝的恩典和憐憫,謙卑地到衪面前與這位創造我們的主和好,首先認罪悔改,接受救主耶穌基督是我們個人的救贖主。但願我們在等候彌賽亞再來的這段日子中,信心不要動搖,愛心不要冷淡,堅守忍耐到底的、必然得救。(馬太福音 24:13)。阿們!


The "flying scrolls” is the sixth of the eight visions that are recorded in Zechariah 5. The seventh vision —“the woman in the basket” and the sixth vision of “flying scrolls” are related to one another. The “flying scrolls” represents God’s curse and banishment with great reproach on sinful people, while the “woman in the basket” tells us that that God’s Final Judgement will come to the whole earth and its people, with the certainty that all sinful persons who committed ungodly acts will be eradicated after trials.

The Prophet Zechariah saw a basket—some sort of measuring device in the seventh vision. The basket was very large with a round lid made of lead. After opening the lid, a woman was seen inside it. The woman is the embodiment of unrighteousness towards God, including the pursuit of materialism and vanity. The round lid was quickly put back to cover the woman in the measuring device. In the Hebrew language, when one parses the word "wickedness", it is of feminine gender; and in this vision a woman is used to represent sins and specifically, the ungodliness belonging to Israel.

Afterwards, the Prophet Zechariah saw two winged women flying like storks in the sky. They lifted the measuring basket containing the woman between heaven and earth. When Zechariah asked where the basket would be carried to, the Angel said, "Go to Shinar and build a house for it. When the house is ready, put it in your own place." Shinar is the Hebrew name for the region of Babylon. Babylon has been a place of idolatry since ancient times, and it will also be a place of idolatry in the future. God says it is now time to build a house for the covered measuring basket and place it in Babylon, thus returning sins and wickedness to the source of evil deeds. Babylon will be judged in the end as sins have been removed from Israel for the expectant return of the Messiah.

Brothers and Sisters, we must recognize God's grace and mercy with certainty, and humbly come to our Creator God for reconciliation. We must confess our sins and repent, and accept Jesus Christ as our Redeemer and personal Savior. I hope that while we wait for the Messiah to return, our faith will not be shaken, our love will not grow cold, and we will persevere for God’s deliverance. (See Matthew 24:13). Amen!

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