4/4/2021 The Truth, the Way, and the Life (真理,道路與生命)

by Rev. Benjamin Chung (鍾立恆牧師)

There is an old Indian parable of the three blind men and the elephant. Sometimes, there are 4,5 ,6 or more men. One man will grab the trunk and say, “an elephant is like a snake.” Another will grab a leg and say, “an elephant is like a tree.” Still yet another man will touch the side of the elephant and say, “An elephant is like a wall”. And so forth. Each of the men thinks he is right and the others are wrong. But, in fact, they are all describing different parts of the same elephant.

This is similar to the usage of the word, truth, today. We often hear of people talking about their “truth”. A TV host might say to the guest/interviewee, “tell us your truth”. But, this is often just 1 side of the story. And as we can see, there can be many sides to the same story. However, as believers, we understand that Jesus is the ultimate Truth and all existence flows through Him. For Jesus is the Way.

Many will be claim that all religions are more or less the same and that they all point to the same God. This is simply not true. Consider these words of our LORD, “Jesus said to him, ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me’” (John 14:6 ESV). This is the Truth. It is vital to know who Jesus is and His purpose for all creation. He is the Way to heaven. Even the followers of Jesus who knew this truth knew this. Yet, on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-34), two followers who heard all the testimonies of the witnesses of Jesus’s resurrection were still in a stage of disbelief. They were even blinded to the fact that it was the Risen LORD who was with them and speaking to them as they journeyed on the road. Boy, were they caught off guard. How embarrassing!

Let us not commit the same mistake. May we celebrate with complete joy the fact of the empty tomb. Jesus did die, but three days later He rose from the dead as our resurrected LORD. Hallelujah! Have full confidence in the Truth found in the Holy Scriptures this Resurrection Sunday and every day. As Jesus is sitting at the right hand of God the Father in heaven, we will resurrected one day and be with them in heaven, worshipping the Almighty God, who was, and is, and is to come! How great are you LORD. Be exalted above the heavens!


有個古老的印度比喻是講有關三個盲人和一隻大象的。有時這個故事是四個,五個,六個,甚至是更多人的。故事是這樣的:有個人抓住象鼻便說:「大象就像蛇一樣。」 另一個人抓住象腿便說:「大象就像一棵樹。」 另一個男人觸撫到大象的側面便說:「大象就像一幅牆一樣」,諸如此類。每個人都認為自己是對的,而其他人則是錯的。 但是實際上,他們都只是描述了同一隻大象的不同部分而已。

這跟今天用文字談論事實一樣。我們常常聽到人們講及他們的「真話」。有個電視節目主持會這樣對他所訪問的人或客人說:「告訴我們,你所知的實情是怎樣的吧」。但很多時這只是故事的其中一面而已。我們可以看到同一個故事可以有很多面。但是作為信徒我們明白到耶穌才是最終的真理,所有的存在都要藉著祂。 因為耶穌是道路。

很多人宣稱所有宗教或多或少都是相同的,並且都是指向同一位神。 但這是不正確的。 思考一下耶和華的這些話吧:「耶穌說我就是道路、真理、生命;若不藉著我,沒有人能到父那裡去。」(約翰福音14:6) 這才是真理事實。 重要的是,要知道耶穌是誰,以及祂創造萬物的目的。 祂才是通往天堂的道路。 即使認識這個真理的耶穌信徒也知道這一點。然而,在前往以馬忤斯的路上(路加福音24:13-34),兩個跟隨過耶穌而且聽過基督復活見證的門徒竟然

仍在懷疑的階段。 他們甚至盲到不知複活主已經與他們同在,並且和他們在路途中與他們對話。唉,他們如此措手不及,好不尷尬!

讓我們不要重蹈覆轍。 讓我們一起以全然喜樂的心慶祝這個空墓的事實。耶穌雖然死過,但三天後,祂已從死裡復活,成為我們復活的主。 哈利路亞!讓我們對聖經中的真理有充分的信心。 不僅是復活節的星期日更是每一天,耶穌坐在天上父神的右邊時,我們將有一天都會一同復活並與祂們在天上在一起,到時我們會一同敬拜那現在和將來都是全能的上帝!主祢是多麼的偉大啊!願祢被高舉於天!

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